4 Beautiful Beaches in Spain

Valdevaqueros, Tarifa

An amazing beach with views of Africa and just a 30 min ferry ride away from the beaches of Morocco. Offshore winds make this beach a favorite spot for kite surfers, so you’ll be sure to see a few out enjoying the water on a breezy day. The town itself is small compared to the more popular beach towns, making it a lot easier to find a relaxing spot away from all the tourists. Make sure you visit downtown, famous for the remains of medieval walls and filled with great tapas bars and restaurants.

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Isunza, Lekeitio

Northeast of Bilbao, Lekeito is one of the largest fishing ports on the Basque coast, but don’t let its booming fishing industry fool you, it’s beautiful architecture and picturesque beaches make it a common vacation destination for locals and visitors from nearby France. Admire the calm and clear waters as low tide reveals walkable islands with beautiful views.

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Garraf, Sitges

Just a short train ride from Barcelona, Garraf beach is a small seaside village surrounded by a natural park. This old city has plenty of amenities including world-class restaurants and hotels. Enjoy the isolated beaches and beautiful scenery at this hidden gem in Catalonia.

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Sardinero, Santander

After a large part of the city was destroyed by a fire in 1941, Santander is the capital of historic Cantabria and is home to one of the largest beaches in Spain, Sardinero. As you can guess, the area is famous for its sardines so be sure to check out the area bars and restaurants to try this local favorite.

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