Top 20 Most Luxurious Celebrity Yachts

We all know that celebrities lead very different lives compared to the average citizen, and many people are fascinated by the luxuries these famous people can afford. If you have always dreamed about sailing around the world on a yacht, then these celebrity yachts will spark your imagination

1. Johnny Depp:- Vajoliroja
2. Paul Allen:- Octopus
3. Tiger Woods:- Privacy
4. Steve Jobs:- Venus
5. Sir Philip Green:- LionHeart
6. Steven Spielberg:- Seven Seas
7. Bono:- Cyan
8. Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan:- Topaz
9. Eric Clapton:- Va Bene
10. Nicole Kidman:- Hokulani
11. Roberto Cavalli:- Baglietto
12. Dolce & Gabbana:- Regina D’Italia
13. Giorgio Armani:- Main
14. Sean “Diddy” Combs:- The Maraya
15. Richard Branson:- Necker Belle
16. Saddam Hussein:- Al Mansur
17. Roman Abramovich:- Eclipse
18. Andrey Melnichenko:- “A”
19. Calvin Klein:- Vantage
20. CRN Mega Yachts J’ade:- World’s First To Feature A Floating Garage

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