Top 10 Stylish Boats for the Modern Single Man

If you are recently single, you might want to be away from home, from everything that reminds you about that failed relationship, so it is natural to go shopping. And for a gentleman as great as you, one of these stylish boats is everything you need to travel in peace to the best places in the world. Before you thinking about leaving, you must buy yourself a new boat. Good thing that we made a list of some good-looking boats for you to choose from.

10. Riva 76′ Perseo Yacht
9. Rapsody Yachts R32
8. The Hacker-Craft Runabout
7. Chris Craft Corsair ’32
6. Hedonist by Art of Kinetik
5. Riva Aquariva 33′
4. Hacker-Craft Racer
3. Azimut Magellano 50
2. Torpedo by StanCraft
1. Ovation 6.8 by Ganz Boats

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